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The Board and Staff of IWEI held a speech & prize giving day for women of the basic literacy classes of 2 communities in Ajingi Local Government Area of Kano State. Traditional rulers, LGA officials and members of the community were in attendance to celebrate with the women who had successfully completed the IWEI basic literacy course. The women received certificates from Kano State Agency for Mass Literacy.
There were role plays on ‘importance of education for the girlchild’ by girls from the safe space clubs and ‘importance of handwashing and hygiene’ by hygiene for children club members.
Women of the Cooperative groups also displayed their products. IWEI Board Members donated 2 groundnut oil milling machines to the 2 groups.
The day’s event was organised by both IWEI Staff and women of the community. Our thanks and appreciation goes to the community members who contributed towards making it such a successful day

Speech & Prize Giving day in Ajingi LGA, Kano State

Senator Yerima and Constitutional Review – by Maryam Uwais MFR


  Once again, Senator Yerima is in the news, claiming Islam as the basis for his argument that a girl automatically transforms into an adult of ‘full age’ once she is married, with the attendant responsibilities that relate to the renunciation of citizenship, irrespective of her age or mental capacity. Because the Senator from Zamfara State has gone public with his personal comprehension of the Shari’a, it has become necessary to respond publicly to his utterances.    read more Senator Yerima and Constitutional Review 

Isa Wali Empowerment Initiative

Welcome to the home page of the Isa Wali Empowerment Initiative (IWEI), a non-profit organisation that has been set up with the mission of pursuing the ideals of late Alhaji Isa Wali. The Foundation has the most vulnerable members of the society – particularly women and children – as its primary focus.  read more